Manifesting Your Desires – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

I’ve truly enjoyed sitting by a cozy fire the past few chilly days.  I love relaxing in front of the mesmerizing flames as they dance before my eyes.

Fire is transformative.  It takes oxygen and fuel and with a spark it creates heat.  In yoga, we call our internal fire, Agni.  Agni is the flame within us that transforms food (fuel) into action (heat).  In the Western world, you may know it as metabolism.

But, Agni does more than change your food into usable nutrients.  You need a certain amount of Agni in your belly to make your dreams a reality.  It’s the spark that propels you to take action towards your goals.  

Your Agni resides at your third energy center or third chakra right at the solar plexus above the navel.  And it’s no coincidence that the name of it’s anatomical location has solar in it or sun.  This is the energy source of the body which gets things done.

On our journey to create, we first generate an idea, vision or dream in our mind, known as our third eye or 6th chakra.  We then state it out loud with our 5th or throat chakra to set an intention. Then it moves down to our heart, our 4th chakra, where a hopeful seed is planted and germinates.  But, it’s the spark from our Agni, the 3rd energy center, that is required to ignite us to take action and transform our fantasies into reality. 

If you’re finding it hard to get your motor running during the cooler months, you’re not alone.  Winter is a tough season to grow the low flicker of a lethargic state into a blaze bright enough to manifest your vision.  But, surprise, surprise, I have a solution!

This weeks 27-minute FREE Hatha Flow Class, Yoga for Manifesting Your Desires, is all about developing your visions into fruition. Through asana, pranayama breath of fire, visualization and meditation, you will be empowered to generate the internal fire required to make your dreams a reality.

 Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to ignite the flame that creates abundance. Enjoy! #yogawithmeditationmutha#meditationmutha

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Yoga for Manifesting Your Desires
Yoga with Meditation Mutha

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