Hi beautiful being!  My name is Kim Goyette and I am a 70’s girl, yogini, mother and lover of life.  Over 20-years ago, my fabulous and extremely hilarious husband, Scott, and I drove cross country in a 1978 orange and brown Dodge Tioga RV from New York with absolutely no destination in mind.  We broke down in a small college town just outside Austin, Texas and on a whim we decided to stay and go to grad school.

After more than two decades of  endless pee-your-pants belly laughs, practical jokes, emotional meltdowns, explosive farts, eating frenzies, world travel, poop talk,  animal adventures, insane party nights and a unique plethora of careers, we have created a beautiful world in Austin with our witty daughter and recruitment of family members from the East Coast.

I absolutely love all things nature, family, community, health, dancing, rhythm, flow and freedom.  I come from a very long line of female minimalists and passed the bug onto my daughter.  So, I am a simple girl with simple needs.  And that is what this blog is all about; “Living Simply Extraordinary!”

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