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Every day Austin citizens receive a new directive from our Mayor or Governor about the restrictions on social distancing.  First, the suggestion was to have gatherings of no more than 10-people.  Then within a few days it was reduced to 5-people and shortly after just your immediate household.

Equally as confusing were the recommendations for wearing masks.  We started with just a few people wearing them in the grocery stores.  Next thing you know, we are mandated to wear masks anytime we leave our home.

And then today, our Governor said he is going to have Texas lead the nation and be the first State to begin reopening our economy.  Starting next week, we will see stores offering curbside shopping, State parks reopening and healthcare related operations opening.

The non-stop modifications of social distancing compliance has left my mind spinning.  Every time there is an alteration to the orders, I find myself taking some time to wrap my mind around the new way-of-life, visualizing what that looks like in my daily world and then saying to myself “Just roll with it.”

In fact, my new mantra has become “Just roll with it.” as my microphone glitches during a virtual yoga class I am teaching.  Or my dog runs in as I’m recording a yoga video.  Or the neighbors landscape company decides to blow leaves while I’m hosting a live virtual retreat outdoors.  “JUST ROLL WITH IT.”

Then I close my eyes, take a few slow breaths, start to feel my heart rate relax and I begin again.  Yes, the world, especially in these unique circumstances, will continuously provide opportunities to knock you off your feet and mentally throw you for a loop.  We can not avoid these happenings.  

The only thing we can do is control how we respond to all the distracting stimuli we receive a million times per day.  We will have pain, working through all the changes in our environment.  But, this discomfort can be temporary.  The important thing is to recognize the distress, release and let it go and then work yourself back to your natural state-of-balance.

A champion of the concept “Just roll with it.” was my old dog Calle.  After fourteen years of existing as the solo pet in our home, suddenly Mr. Kitty was introduced to our family unit.  Being an older canine who was used to receiving 100% of the attention, Calle was not too fond of Mr. Kitty in the early stages of their relationship.  But, over time, they grew to love each other, because in the back of our doggie’s mind he said “Just roll with it.”  In fact, they were often found cuddling together on my yoga mat during a private client’s Savasana resting pose.

So, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  And, we too, can be flexible, malleable and just go with the flow.  And we will find it significantly easier to adjust to all the modifications in our world if we take a few moments each day to mindfully reset and bring our energy back into balance.This week’s 35-minute FREE Hatha Yoga Class, Hatha Yoga for Balance, is all about continuously returning to your natural state-of-being, no matter which external stimuli present themselves. Challenging times may bring us off kilter, But, through balance-based yoga postures like dynamic mountain pose, warrior III and half crow, and Nadi Shodhana Alternate Nostril Breathing, we can realign our energy back to a balanced state. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to redirect your body and mind towards ease and flow by clicking the video below.

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Friday Yoga for Connection
Looking to reestablish balance in your world and connect with high vibe beings?  Join us for Friday Yoga for Connection every week at 12 pm CST.  It’s a wonderful way to wind down for the weekend and enjoy each other’s company virtually.  We will use Zoom video conferencing to enjoy a live yoga class from the comfort of your home.  The class is just $7 and all members of your household are welcome to join.  To register, please make your payment via Venmo or Paypal to kimf4mb@gmail.com the Wednesday before class and I will send login information that Thursday.  See you there!
Yoga for Balance
Yoga with Meditation Mutha

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