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Whether you are stranded at home alone or surrounded by your household buddies 24/7, this unique situation we are all experiencing is bound to make you a little batty.  Add the Ground Hog Day effect of repeating the same limited tasks each day and you got yourself the perfect storm to catch a case of the Corona Virus Blues.

Whenever I find myself being absorbed by the monotony of the day, I step outside to sit on my back deck for a moment and pause to observe nature.  The other day, I was lucky enough to catch the extensive courtship and intense love-making of two Green Anole lizards.  

I was amazed to observe the showiness of the male as he was trying to attract the female with his puffy pink throat and bright green color.  The female, on the other hand, was playing hard to get, hiding in the bushes blending in with the dark brown color of my deck.  The male continued to run back and forth giving it his all, as the female crouched coyly under some leaves.  

Well, the male must have busted a move just right.  Because, suddenly the female turned a brilliant shade of green.  And I guess green means “GO!” because within seconds they were bonded in a full embrace.  I was honored and a little embarrassed to be a voyeur of this incredible act of nature.  I felt very lucky to have the time to witness this elaborate wooing from start to finish.

Take the lead from a master observer, our very own puppy Jimmy Kibble.  He spends hours every day hanging over my back porch rail checking out all the wonders of the world.  We have a wonderful opportunity to pause and change the ordinary into the extraordinary by bringing our awareness to all the details.  Stop for a moment to notice all the patterns and textures on a plant.  Crouch down in some grass and look at the minuscule world of insects that flows below your feet.  Listen to the distinct notes a particular bird sings to communicate with it’s partner.  Even more interesting is the concept that “Everything you see, sees you”.  Now that’s something to spark your mind for a while.

If you can’t get outside, reflect on the features of a picture of a loved one or some art you have hanging on your wall.  Reminisce about where you collected all your nick nacks and why you were initially drawn to them.  Take a mundane task like washing the dishes and invite in utter appreciation for having access to food that you could serve on those dishes.

View everything through the lens of beauty, admiration and appreciation and suddenly you have a very colorful life.This week’s 26-minute FREE Hatha Yoga Class, Hatha Yoga for Finding Beauty, is all about taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Through asana like wide-footed down dog and high revolving lunges, breath work, meditation and visualization, we will view the world through a lens of pure admiration and appreciation.

Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to transform the mundane into the spectacular.

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Hatha Yoga for Finding Beauty
Yoga with Meditation Mutha
Cultivating Creative Energy
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Come join an incredible group of women as we tap into our limitless creative power.  The Cultivating Creative Energy At-Home Mini Retreat is an opportunity to inspire your mind, body and spirit through tools that will encourage your passions.

Kim Goyette, International Yoga Instructor and owner of Meditation Mutha, will guide you through yoga, meditation and chanting practices for all skill levels that will focus on elevating your creative energy.  The retreat will end with a Cacao Ceremony from the comfort of your own home.

Laura Wall, certified intuitive coach, spiritual teacher and master creator will lead you through the “Creating from the Heart” workshop with hands-on opportunities to develop your own talents.

We will be connecting VIRTUALLY, via Zoom Meetings, a simple to use online format where you can share your experience (and your beautiful face) with the comfort of your home.

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