Balancing Yin and Yang Energy – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

If we looked closely at America as a whole, we would see a very divided country. But, if we had the opportunity to view our nation from a rocket ship from miles above our atmosphere, we would see two aspects within the same being.

The United States is just that, UNITED. We are one entity, just as the Americas are one entity and this planet is one entity. One being demonstrating different qualities within our oneness.

If we take this thought to a more micro level and look at ourselves, the same holds true. We are one creature displaying multiple facets of ourselves.
We demonstrate our varied faces in the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. We house both dark and light. Therefore, we need to honor every angle of our being.

It is when our energies are out of balance that our thoughts and feelings become extreme and we may find ourselves saying and doing things out of the norm.

Luckily, we can tap into an excellent resource to bring our structure back to equanimity, our energetic system. Most people have heard of Yin and Yang. But, do you know what each means and how you can work with these opposing forces to balance your state-of-being?

Yang essence is what you feel when you use effort to exert energy. It is warming and provides momentum to get you through your day. When you have balanced yang energy you feel alive and invigorated. When yang is too low, you may be sluggish and unenthusiastic. When it is too high you might sense anger and agitation.

Yin essence, on the other hand, is very calming, cooling and more inward. When balanced, Yin brings a sense of peace and relaxation. If you have too much Yin energy you may have a hard time getting out of bed or accomplishing tasks. If you have too little, you might sense a buzzing in your brain like you want to jump out of your skin.

An overabundance or lack of either energies will make you feel wacky. It is when we bring our Yin and Yang energies into balance that we go from surviving to thriving.

This week’s 33-minute Hatha Flow and Yin combination practice, Yoga for Balancing Yin and Yang, is about bringing awareness to all aspects of ourselves and balancing our entire being. Through a challenging Hatha Flow practice that focuses on strength, we will use effort to generate heat within the body and burn off excess anger and agitation in the mind. A calming Yin practice will immediately follow to allow our minds to draw inward and relax our being.

This class is for ALL levels of yogis, as modifications are given for every posture. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in building equanimity inside and out. Enjoy!

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