Honoring Imperfection

Although Facebook is a great place to capture all the flawless moments of my family’s year-long trip around the world, it would be hilarious to display the discontent that actually happened just seconds before we snapped many of the shots.  Like Kayla faking a smile after I dragged her on a long hike.  Or the three of us pausing our bickering for a split second to smile for the camera.

After being together non-stop for so long, we were getting on each other’s nerves as we made our way to a one night stay at the Mapuyampay Gastronomical Lodge in Chile’s Maule Valley.  Seeing the pure beauty of the property upon our arrival immediately calmed our spirits as we enjoyed an incredible spring day surrounded by blossoming flowers in their organic garden.

The owner’s, Ruth and Vincente, showered us with delicious delicacies at dinner and the food was so wonderful, all we could say over and over was “Perfecto!”

Vincente laughed and reminded us that nothing in this world is “perfecto”.  And he was so right!

I see so many yogis attending a public class worrying about if they are doing a posture just right.  Or looking around to see how they compare to the rest of the class.  Even worse, there are so many people that are scared to take a public class because they may not be able to do exactly what the instructor demonstrates or they don’t have a “yogi body”.

Yoga is not about striking poses perfectly.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  Yoga is about tuning in and sensing the small adjustments or modifications your body and mind need right at that moment.  Advanced yogis don’t pose in fancy postures.  They know their bodies and use props, breath and different variations to create space to move energy within the body and mind.

This week’s 22-minute FREE Slow Flow Hatha yoga class will give you permission to be imperfect, empower you to tune into your mind and body and choose posture options that you need in the moment as well as increase flexibility.
Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for every BODY. I hope you will join me in this opportunity to be free to be imperfect!
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Yoga for Honoring Imperfection | Yoga with Meditation Mutha
Yoga for Honoring Imperfection | Yoga with Meditation Mutha
Guatemala anyone?  Only one room left!  Come join us on a “Journey to the Heart” where we will engage in daily yoga and life inspiring sessions and Mayan ceremonies surrounded by magical Lake Atitlan and three powerful volcanoes.

Come join us in Guatemala!!! I am so excited to partner with Rod Hairston on this mindfully crafted Journey to the Heart Retreat  located on the shores of mystical Lago Atitlan in Guatemala November 3rd-10th.


This is going to be a full mind-body-spirit immersion into the local Mayan culture through transformative workshops, yoga, ceremony, meditation, chanting and dance. Three powerful volcanoes and the beautiful lago will be our backdrop as we embark on a Journey to the Heart.  Visit www.growth-u.com/events for details and to register TODAY!

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