Connecting with Nature’s Energy

After being on the road travelling for almost four months and living in pretty tight accommodations, my family and I decided to treat ourselves to a one night stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast in the Chilean Maule Valley.  Mapuyampay Gastronomic Lodge is nestled in the heart of Chile’s wine country, surrounded by the Andes Mountains and farms that stretch for miles with blossoming cherry trees.


The owners, Ruth and Vincente, created some of the most wonderful culinary delights, and we enjoyed every minute of our getaway basking in the spring sun in their gorgeous organic garden.


I was talking with Vincente about how magical the energy is on their land and how much work it must take to keep it so beautiful.  He said that he has the opportunity to connect with nature every day.  And if you love what you do, it’s not work.


I had the opportunity to shoot a yoga video in their garden and I wanted to share with you the special energy that flows when you connect with nature.


This week’s 25-minute FREE Gentle Yoga Class is all about connecting with nature’s energy to revitalize your soul. It will enhance your innate ability to connect with the natural world around you, increase flexibility and leave you feeling grounded.


Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for every BODY. I hope you will join me in this opportunity to connect with the beautiful world that surrounds you!


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Yoga for Connecting with Nature's Energy | Yoga with Meditation Mutha
Yoga for Connecting with Nature’s Energy | Yoga with Meditation Mutha

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