Finding Strength

This past year has stretched us all to our outer most limit in so many ways. We have experienced loss at every level. Whether we have lost our job, time spent with friends and family, opportunity to travel and do the things we love or the ultimate, the loss of a loved one, we have all felt a deep absence within us.

So, how do we find power to bereave this challenging year and move forward?

First, we must recognize and honor all the obstacles we have faced these past months. If we do not acknowledge the suffering we have endured, then we will not be able to process the underlying emotions that develop when experiencing these extreme circumstances.

Emotions are just energy in motion. They are meant to be acknowledged, moved through the body and released. It is when we hold onto our emotions like they are a coveted object that they transform to ailment in the body and mind.

Therefore, it is imperative that we take time to notice how we feel and then transport this energy out of the body through the breath, specifically on the exhale. We can imagine anger, frustration, sorrow etc. leaving the body with every exhale until we feel it has passed.

Finally, we must build strength in our body and mind to step through our grief and into life again. We can develop this power through physical and mental exercises that help manifest the force we need to move forward on our journey.

Please join me for this week’s yoga class to assist in building strength in our body and mind.


This week’s 22-minute Hatha Flow Class, Yoga for Back Strength, is all about developing stability in the low mid and upper back. Through postures that focus on engaging the back body, we will balance strength in the core. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to enhance posture and overall well being. Enjoy!
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