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My family and I started the second half of our year long journey on the other side of the world in Japan.  We have never visited Asia and so far we are having an incredible time experiencing the difference in cultures.

January in Japan is a sacred month for many Buddhist practitioners.  It is a time to visit temples and make offerings for a prosperous, healthy and abundant New Year.

Scott, Kayla and I were lucky enough to be in the city of Narita during this time, where thousands of people flocked to Narita-San, a large Buddhist temple, to perform such practices.  The streets were packed with people making their way to honor a fresh start.  Surrounded by large crowds, surprisingly it was very quiet.

We found the silence to be true at the airport, on the bus, in the train and other public places.  It was amazing to be surrounded by thousands and practically be able to hear a pin drop.

The Japanese have an incredible respect for others and how they affect their surroundings.  Their quiet nature provides an opportunity to be introspective.  With all the stimulus in the world, we do not take enough time to sit quietly with ourselves to better understand our internal environment.

This week’s FREE yoga video is a short sequence to prepare you for meditation and internal reflection. Through Asana and Pranayama, you will be able to sit in meditation, starting at a one minute length and then expand the time on your own when you feel ready.

Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Join me in this opportunity to sit with yourself and notice your inner self.

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