Mindful Intention Setting – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

I just completed an incredibly powerful week teaching our annual yoga retreat at the magical Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica. On the last day of the experience I always sit on the yoga deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I close my eyes and set an intention to find myself in the same space next year.

Here I am finishing my 11th retreat at this special resort! So yes, I believe that setting intentions really work. Intention setting acts like planting a seed of desire. Once your goal is released into the cosmos the universe takes over in directing your path to manifestation. You do not have to worry about the steps to get there. The universe knows and will do everything in its power to lead you on a journey to your final destination.

No need to try to control the ride. Once you plant that seed of intention and release to the flow of universal energy, your desire will come to fruition. It may not manifest exactly how you visualized or in the time frame you wanted, but it will happen.

Need a little assistance in manifesting your desires? Come join me for this week’s Yin yoga class, Yoga for Intention Setting. It’s an easy way to launch you on your journey. Enjoy!


This week’s 17-minute Yin yoga Class, Yoga for Intention Setting, is all about visualizing your desires and bringing them to fruition. Through postures and meditation that plant a seed of intention in your heart, we will cultivate the energy to manifest your dreams. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to create your desired life. Enjoy!

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