Increasing Our Focus – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

As many of you are aware, we had a major shakeup during the Texas legislative session this year. One of the biggest key elements was a law that went into effect implementing some of the broadest restrictions on abortion in nearly fifty years since the Supreme Court decided to make it a constitutional right to privacy that included the right to have an abortion in Roe vs. Wade.

It does not matter where you fall on the spectrum with your beliefs about this sensitive subject. What IS important is that freedom to do what is best for your own body has been stripped away from half the population in the State.

You may think this powerful decision does not concern you because you are a man or you do not live in this conservative state. But, it affects each and every one of us; man, woman and child across the entire nation.
Taking away basic human rights from one population opens the door to abolishing other rights from EVERY population.

We, as a collective, must stay focused on defending the freedoms this nation was built upon. Or, we may soon find our biggest freedom of choice no longer exists for our children and our children’s children.


This week’s short 13-minute yoga class, Yoga to Increase Focus, is centered around balance to bring your attention to the here and now. Through single leg postures like Tree Pose and Warrior III, we will cultivate our awareness into the present moment. Yoga with Medittion Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to enhance your ability to focus on what is in front of you now. Enjoy!

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