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Like many kids around the country, my daughter Kayla, started the very unique adventure of virtual school this week.  I feel so lucky that she is a very self-sufficient middle-schooler, who totally stepped into her role as an online student and was able to handle her first week of school with ease.

One of her first assignments was to write about different prompts that described herself, so her teacher and classmates could get to know her.  My favorite question was “Choose a candy that matches your characteristics.”  Kayla selected Laughy Taffy.  When I asked her why, she said “Because I’m flexible and go with the flow.”

I thought that was such a cool answer.  Being flexible in our mind is one of the most important characteristics we can have as humans.  We have all experienced the continuous ups and downs of life.  Plans we made suddenly take a quick turn and we end up doing something totally different.  Relationships come together and fall apart.  The road can be quite bumpy on the journey of life.

We need to generate the ability to roll with all the curve balls in order to thrive under such conditions.  One thing life guarantees is expect the unexpected.  Digging our heals into the attachment of a planned outcome will only bring pain and suffering.  Being flexible with our thoughts around change will keep us in a state-of-flow.   

So, next time things don’t go your way, try moving with the stream of the universe and see where it takes you.  You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the unforeseen.  And if you are looking for an opportunity to expand your elasticity of your mind, the easiest way to do it is start with enhancing the stretchiness of your body.

This week’s 29-minute FREE Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Splits Flexibility is all about split prep postures for EVERY level of yogi. Using props to support our current condition, we will work through postures like pyramid pose and lunges to open our ability to be flexible in both body and mind.Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to create resiliency in all aspects of your life. Enjoy!

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Yoga for Splits Flexibility

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