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I was honored to present along side my partner in crime, my husband Scott, at a virtual retreat hosted by Anamaya Resort, the incredible space where we hold our Costa Rica yoga retreat each year.  It was wonderful to gather in circle and feel the energy of community that I have been longing for during these unique circumstances.  Although we were not physically with each other, I was so grateful that everyone came with open hearts to explore and share in this sacred space.

There were so many wonderful presenters.  Scott and I offered a workshop called “Choosing Love Over Fear”.  This concept is based on a model Scott developed through his Go Love Now program that he offers to parents, students, educators and businesses to assist them  in recognizing their self-created challenges, releasing these road blocks and choosing a path of freedom and flow.

As we went through the interactive presentation, we walked the attendees through some exercises that would allow them to experience the difference in how the low energy vibration of FEAR feels versus the high energetic vibration of LOVE.  We have all sensed the heavy, draining weightedness that comes with the emotion of fear.  And,  under the influence of love, there have been ecstatic moments in our lives where we felt so light and alive that we could float off this planet.  So, we can understand that there is a significant difference in the vibrations of these two emotions.

The fabulous thing is, as humans, we have a choice.  We have the free will to choose how we respond to the stimuli in our lives.  Truly, that is the ONLY thing we have control over.  And if we break things down into the simplest form of emotional options, it boils down to making decisions from a consciousness of Love or Fear.

So, now try it out on yourself.  Take a moment in between the trigger and your reaction to pause and ask yourself “Am I responding from a place of love or fear?”  Believe me, you will know right away which one it is, based on the sensations you feel in your body.  Do you feel energized or drained?  Do you feel light or heavy?  Do you feel hopeful or hopeless?  You are tapping into your inner guidance, which provides continuous feedback for you to enhance your life experience. 

So, you sense you are coming from a place of fear?  Well, what would the same situation look like if you showed up from a space of love?  It’s that pause between the stimulus and the response that provides the opportunity to invite wisdom into the scene.  That brief second that allows us to analyze our thoughts, words and actions and react with insight and appreciation.

This week’s 21-minute FREE Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Choosing Love Over Fear, is all about aligning your body and mind with the high vibe state of love. Through postures such as crow pose, we will overcome our fear and use wisdom to open our hearts to endless possibilities.Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to reside at your highest vibrational state-of-being. Enjoy!

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Yoga for Choosing Love Over Fear
Yoga with Meditation Mutha

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