Cultivating Awareness – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

I am honored to have shared an incredible week with this beautiful group of people at our 10th annual Costa Rica Retreat at the magical Anamaya Resort. We were supposed to celebrate our 10th anniversary holding this event last year. But, just as many of you had plans changed in 2020, we had to postpone the event. So, this year seemed extra special as we celebrated the opportunity to fully connect with real, live humans in an exquisite setting.

Over the years of holding this event, I have come to notice that people arrive to the retreat with a wide range of intentions. Many are going through a transition whether it be with a change in career or a relationship. Some have lost a loved one and are working through those emotions.
Others just need some guidance or inspiration to send them on the right path for their own personal journey. And some are looking for connection with themselves and others to refill their cup.

No matter what reason brought them to the retreat, the tool to finding the answers is always recognized right away. As each individual begins to slow down and unwind, they start to tune into themselves and bring awareness to what is going on inside. Getting quiet and just listening offers them the opportunity to ask two important questions.

What feels right? What do “I” need right now?

Bringing awareness to what is going on in our body and mind provides the perfect feedback to answer these simple questions. Sitting quiet gives us the opportunity to listen to and absorb the guidance we are constantly receiving from the universe. And, when we take action on those powerful directives, we are in a state-of-flow.

Tuning in offers all the guidance we need to lead us on the right path through this journey we call life. Simple as that…

This week’s Yin Yoga Class will help you settle in and expand your ability to just feel.


This week’s 23-minute Yin Yoga Class, Yoga for Cultivating Awareness is all about tuning into sense what is occurring within your body and mind. Through postures like sleeping swan, while mindfully directing our breath to any space of congestion, we will release any tension throughout our entire being. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to draw our attention to our present state. Enjoy!

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