Opening to Possibility

It was exactly three years ago today that I released my very first yoga video. We had started our year-long trip around the world and my intention was to document all the amazing places we visited by shooting a yoga video at each location.

I gave myself some time to adapt to our new nomadic lifestyle. As time went on, I found myself coming up with excuses of why I couldn’t make a yoga video this week. What I began to realize was that I dreaded starting something new, especially something that was high tech and unfamiliar to me. Two months worth of incredible destinations passed by and still no yoga video.

We arrived in Santiago, Chile and rented an apartment in a high rise building downtown. Fortunately, there was a yoga studio right downstairs. I popped in for a class and stayed after to speak with the owner. I mentioned renting his space to shoot a yoga video and he generously donated the studio for free!

I guess the universe was pushing me towards taking the plunge into video production. So, I got all my gadgets and set up shop. To take the pressure off, instead of expending my energies towards perfection, I told myself that every video created would be taken in one shot, mistakes and all included.

After getting over the hump of posting my very first video on Youtube (Click HERE to check it out and let me know what you think), my confidence grew. So much so, that to-date, I have more than 150 FREE yoga videos available to the public!

Now, developing yoga videos might not be on the top of your creativity list. Maybe you are interested in delving into photography, art, cooking or some other craft. The important thing is that you open yourself up to possibility. Just because you have never done it YET, doesn’t mean you can’t. Participating in activities outside of your comfort zone provides a huge opportunity for personal growth.

This week’s yoga class will open your heart to endless possibility. And if you really want to be inspired, come join us for the Fall Women’s Weekend Wellness Retreat this October 8th-10th in Wimberley, Texas. The experience is a sure way to reset and rejuvenate. ONLY TWO SPACES LEFT.


This week’s 17-minute Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Opening Shoulders and Chest is all about freeing our upper body from constraint. Through heart opening postures that expand the front body, we will create space to invite in endless possibility. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to enhance your ability to be open to new opportunities and experiences. Enjoy!

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