Connecting Energetically with Loved Ones – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

This is a pic of my fun-loving family last Christmas. We always have such a great time celebrating the festivities together. But, like many of you, the holidays are going to look quite different this year.

No big gatherings at the Goyette’s this year sipping each other’s holiday concoctions and dancing to Christmas carols. I feel sad that we can not all be together in silly Xmas sweaters enjoying each other’s company.

But, I am truly grateful that we are all healthy. And, I am confident we will be reunited again soon. Unfortunately, there are many people I know that have lost loved ones this past year. And, I am sure the holidays will be extra challenging for them this season.

Although we may not be able to be be with our friends and family physically, our energetic bonds can never be broken.

This week’s 19-minute FREE Yin Yoga Class, Yoga for Connecting Energetically with Loved Ones, is a way to bond with friends and family when you can not be with them physically. Through heart opener Yin postures such as Anahata and breath work to exchange energy with others, we will unite with our loved ones and experience that energetic union that can never be broken whether the person lives at a distance or has passed on.

Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to deeply unite energetically with your nearest and dearest to keep your vibration of love between you ignited. Enjoy!

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