Absorbing Nature’s Energy

We just wrapped up a two week Yoga and Safari Retreat journey in Tanzania, Africa and the experience was monumental! I am so grateful to partner with the fabulous Gabriele Brown with Urth Expedition for the second year in a row to hold this amazing adventure!

We were plopped right in the middle of the wilderness in the Serengeti to experience nature in its purest form. There is nothing like witnessing a mama lion and her two cubs being nurtured by all their aunties as they played with each other in a stand of rocks. Or, a cheetah hunting some Thomson’s gazelles with a hyena and three jackals following close behind to get the leftovers.

What amazed me the most was looking around and seeing zebras, wildebeest, elephants, giraffes, lions, gazelles and about 40 other different species all interacting and just doing their thing. It was such an emotional experience to observe animals in their native habitat just being. I felt the energy of the natural world at its highest vibration.

Even the plants were filled with a radiant energy. I was able to touch and experience the powerful energy of one of the most ancient beings alive; a 3,000 year old Baobob tree. All existence was vibrant in Tanzania, Africa.

Want to experience the magic of Tanzania? Scroll down and come join me for this week’s short 10 minute Morning Hatha Flow Yoga class, where you will hear the sounds of nature with Lake Manyara and a Baobob tree as your back drop and witness the region coming to life!

Author – Kim Goyette

This week’s quick 10 Minute Hatha Flow Morning Yoga class is perfect for starting your day with some movement. Let the sounds of nature from Tanzania, Africa wake you up as you view Lake Manyara and a 3,000 year old Baobob tree as your background. We will do a sun salutation yoga flow to enliven every part of your body. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to plant a seed for a beautiful day. Enjoy!

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