Seeking Truth – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

We, as humans, are designed to use all our senses to absorb information from our outside world.  We then process this information and develop beliefs around our judgements.  This is our natural method of taking in the world around us.  

But, when we are bombarded by advertising promises, political scams and fake news, it is very challenging to decipher what is truth.  Many of us take whatever is said at face value and do not question the source or intention behind the communication.  This can be a very dangerous scenario, as we fall prey to manipulation of our thoughts and feelings by external parties.

The magnificent thing is humans are created with a super power to combat this negative force.  It’s called intuition.  Through our intuition, each and every one of us has the ability to wisely interpret information that comes our way. Although many of us have moved away from exercising our intuitive muscle and may not be familiar with how to tap into that resource.  Still, we can develop this skill and choose wisdom to create our beliefs and how we view the world.

Next time you are served a dish of data, whether it is from the news, a commercial or a friend, I invite you to sit quietly for a moment to see how the vibration of that info feels in your body and mind.  Over time, you will be able to determine false statements from reality with precision just by noticing your physical and mental response to the stimulus.

This week’s 10-minute FREE Yoga Class, Yoga for Seeking Truth, is all about developing our intuition so we can use wisdom to decipher between truth and untruth. Through breath work like Breath of Fire and postures such as Child’s Pose, we will stimulate our third eye energy center and create space for reality to be clearly defined.

Yoga with meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please scroll down to take the class and join me in this opportunity to dig deep inside ourselves and rely on our own insight to filter the stimuli around us.

Yoga for Seeking Truth

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