Prepping for an Adventure of a Lifetime

Well, we did it!  We bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica; our first stop on a year-long adventure around the world.  In June, my husband Scott, daughter Kayla and I are taking off to travel around the planet.   Scott and I were inspired five years ago when we met a mom and her two young daughters hiking Machu Picchu as part of their global journey.  And here we are, a few years later getting ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

I have so many emotions going on at one time.  Excitement is at the top of the list along with fear, anxiety, and spurts of elation.  As you can imagine, planning a trip for a year is no easy feat.  My detailed mind has developed a tremendous check list of to-dos that I have been working my way through to make this thing a reality.  One of the biggest tasks is leasing our Austin home (shameless plug – I know a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath in SW Austin available June 15th if anyone is interested).

We hired an awesome realtor to assist us in this undertaking.  He came to take a look at our home and snap some pics for the listing.  Of course, I was a fanatic about getting the house ready for his arrival and ran around like a maniac trying to make everything look perfect.  His suggestion of reducing the clutter and personal items surprised my minimalist ears, as I thought I had everything condensed down to bare bones.  But, I took his words to heart and spent the entire weekend going through every inch of the house to reduce.

Although we don’t have a lot of “things” in our house, I found the process of taking down wedding photos and packing away baby pictures an emotional event.  Images that were hanging on the wall for years that I hardly noticed before suddenly had significant meaning as I put them into boxes.  I found myself appreciating every nick nack that had been given to me over the years and relished in an old video I found of my 16th birthday that I had no idea existed.

Room by room, I inspected each item before determining if it was display worthy for potential renters.  The process of packing away my life in little containers taught me several lessons.

#1 – If you are going to bother having something in your home, take time to notice and appreciate it.  So often we miss the details and fabulousness  of an object because it becomes familiar and eventually invisible.  This goes for people and nature too.  Change the ordinary to extraordinary by observing the features and uniqueness of what’s in front of you every day.

#2 – Some things you just don’t need.  If your CD’s have been collecting dust in the corner for a decade, release and pass them on.  There is a scientifically proven energy drain emitted from unused objects just taking up space in your home.  Rid yourself of what is weighing you down in all aspects of your life, not just material things.

#3 – And finally, from my minimalist heart to yours, it feels so dam good to not have more than three items on each shelf and all cob webs dusted and cleared.  Choose wisely the things and people you want to maintain in your life.  You’re not required to keep everything; just the good ones that fill you up and make your life more complete.  A deep spring cleaning of things and relationships that no longer serve you makes room for abundance in your life.

And it’s a perfect way to make a fresh start on an adventure of a lifetime!

Join me for my last retreat in the U.S. before we take off on our big adventure.  Our 5th annual Women’s Weekend Wellness Retreat coming up this May 18th-20th in Wimberley, Texas is always filled with nourishment and connection.  ONLY TWO SPACES LEFT!!! Please see the EVENTS TAB for details.

Or meet us on the first pit stop of our trip on the beautiful shores of tropical Costa Rica.  Scott and I would love for you to join us for our 8th annual Costa Rica Yoga Retreat June 30th-July 7th, 2018.  Can’t make this retreat in July, but always wanted to go?  We are holding another fabulous Costa Rica Retreat January 12th-19th, 2019!  More details to come!  

Guatemala anyone??? I am so excited to partner with Rod Hairston on this Journey to the Heart Retreat on the shores of mystical Lago Atitlan in Guatemala November 3rd-10th. This is going to be a full mind-body-spirit immersion into the local Mayan culture through transformative workshops, yoga, ceremony, meditation, chanting and dance. Three powerful volcanoes and the beautiful lago will be our backdrop as we embark on a Journey to the Heart. Please check out the video below and join us for this incredible experience. Visit www.growth-u.com/events for details and to register today!

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