Attracting High Vibrational Relationships

More than 28-years ago, when I first moved to Texas, I remember feeling very lonely. I had left behind all of my life-long childhood friends and sensed a longing to make the same high quality friendships in my new town.

I met several nice acquaintances, but they were surface level friendships. I had a hard time attracting the deep, soul-nourishing relationships I desired. I really missed the close friendships I had from home.

Feeling frustrated, I sat quietly one day and visualized the type of high vibrational connections I wanted to attract into my life. I thought about friends who elevated each other just by being around them. I pictured all of the meaningful experiences we could have together, and next thing you know…

I started to meet amazing women associated with all different parts of my life. This lead to an incredible cultivation of beautiful, high vibe friendships that I cherish to this day.

I feel very fortunate to have so many fabulous girlfriends in my life. It is so comforting to know that we all have our best interest in mind and exist to cheer each other on throughout this life!

Do you desire to surround yourself with the highest quality people? Then come join me for this week’s guided Meditation to Attract High Vibrational Relationships and become a magnet quality friendships to develop. Enjoy!

Author – Kim Goyette

This week’s 11 minute guided Meditation for Attracting High Vibrational Relationships is all about cultivating your own magnetic energy so you draw the right people into your life. Through guided visualization we will develop a high vibrational state within our own body that is capable of attracting other high vibrational beings. It is so important to be very selective about the people you deem worthy of your energy. Take control of your relationships by intentionally calling in the right people into your world, Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to to build your tribe and surround yourself with support and love. Enjoy!

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