A Meditation in Surrendering – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

There are so many reasons why I love Austin.  The amazing local food, friendly people and weird vibe feed my soul at the deepest level.  In addition, I feel so lucky to have access to a wide array of activities to participate in. 

Every day there are interesting offerings ranging from ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies to drum circles and full moon celebrations…totally my vibe.  I try to take advantage of these unique experiences by participating in something Austin-weird on a weekly basis.

This week I attended a Shibari workshop.  Shibari is the Japanese art of rope tying and is often used  as a practice in healing.  The process of being bound can stir up a lot of emotion.  Observing those feelings and then using slow, deep breathing to calm the nervous system assists in moving towards and through emotions.

During the workshop I had the opportunity to be tied and was also  interested in experiencing the sensation of suspension.  I was so grateful for the mindfulness of my two instructors, Summer Astrea and Eric with Awakening Arts.  Their preliminary ritual in conscious consent, connection and checking in with my current state put my body and mind at ease in preparation for the experience.

I opted to be blindfolded, so I could better tune into my senses.  After Summer Astrea secured the blindfold, I could feel the rope gliding across my skin as she expertly bound my upper and lower body with a beautiful design of knots. 

Her and Eric attached two additional ropes that they swung over a bamboo pole that hung from the ceiling. Slowly they hoisted my bound body off the floor face down.

At first I could feel the deep pressure of the rope against my muscles and felt fear gripping my body and mind.  But, over time through slow, deep breathing I allowed myself to surrender into the support of the rope and felt a huge sense of release.  I no longer needed to hold it all together and could fully let go of all my stuck emotions into the security of the rope.

As they gradually lowered me to the floor and slowly untied the knots, my body relaxed into a pure state of peace.  It was a beautiful opportunity to surrender and I am so grateful to Awakening Arts for holding conscious space to experience this unique practice.

The art of Shibari reminds me of the importance to process our fears in a healthy manner.  First we need to  recognize them, move towards and through them, so we can exist at a higher vibrational state on the other side. 

Come join me for this week’s Yin Yoga for Surrendering Fear.  Enjoy!

Yin Yoga for Surrendering Fear

This week’s 23 minute Yin Yoga Class, Yin Yoga for Surrendering Fear is all about acknowledging your fears, moving towards them and through them, so you can experience a high vibrational state on the other side. Through postures like pigeon pose and frog pose, we will use our breath to soften into the space and let go of challenges that stand in our way. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to walk through the veil of fear and experience limitless abundance. Enjoy!

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