Yoga for Breath and Body – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

I am so excited to share my first yoga video with you! My intention, as part of a year-long trip around the world with my family, is to impart inspirations that I have received throughout our travel.

My hope is to provide these videos weekly every Sunday morning, so you can take a few minutes during the week to connect with yourself.  Unless something happens with my sketchy, international WiFi and it takes me 7-hours to download the video, like this one did (a true practice in patience), I’ll see you Sunday mornings for some self-care and nourishment.  Please SUBSCRIBE to the Yoga with Meditation Mutha YouTube channel to be the first to receive new weekly videos.

This 26-minute video takes place in Santiago, Chile and will enhance body/breath awareness, increase flexibility and leave you feeling energized.  Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for every BODY. I hope you will join me in this opportunity to connect with your body, breath and spirit!

I want to give special thanks to the incredibly talented Ty Suite for creating the Meditation Mutha theme song.  You rock Ty!

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