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My husband, Scott, and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. And in the 23 years I’ve known him, our relationship has always been built around travel and adventure.


Within three months of meeting, we bought an old 1978 Dodge Tioga RV and drove cross country landing in our current home town of Austin, Texas. Every year we take several big trips to places across the country and around the world.


No, we did not receive a large inheritance nor are we independently wealthy. Our friends, Lynn and Brent, teasingly say we must be secret undercover spies because we travel to so many exotic places.


Although we can’t claim the glamour of a spy’s life, I do have a special secret weapon that makes traveling  on a budget very attainable. I like to call him “The Travel Intuitive”, aka Big Papa, aka my husband, Scott.
My hubby’s super power is finding unbelievable travel deals in the most inconspicuous places. Our friends and family who have experienced the bargains can attest to his travel magic. I’ll give you some examples.


Several years ago he took my brother-in-law for a guys getaway to a ranch in Utah. The package included a five night stay, all meals, horse back riding, four wheeling, fishing and gun shooting for a grand total of $200 per person! You hit that budget during your regular weekly spending.


Or how about the time he got the two of us round trip first class, flat bed seats to Peru for only $600 per person. Or most recently when he was playing around on some hotel websites looking for a place to stay in San Jose, Costa Rica and took advantage of a huge mistake he found in their system.


We were able to enjoy a two bedroom suite at The Barcelo (a classy, European Four Seasons-like hotel) which included a spectacular buffet breakfast, access to the premier club lounge for lunch, dinner and free drinks and safe place to store extra luggage during a future adventure for only $33 per night! Say what???


The meals alone cost more than that for the three of us. Someone made a huge mistake and listed the cost for $33 instead of $330. The front desk looked at us very strange when we checked in and we over heard him talking in Spanish to his manager to confirm the reservation was accurate.  “You got an incredibly good rate on this room” he said with wonder in his eyes.


How does Scott find so many deals you ask? I believe he has a 6th sense that intuitively draws him to web site travel bargains. He just “knows” where they are. That and spending endless hours enjoying his favorite hobby of perusing site after site until he finds his target and goes in for the kill. This man doesn’t have a patient bone in his body. But, for some reason the possibility of a great deal soothes his soul as he sifts through endless websites.


That’s not to say we haven’t had some vacation “deal” blunders.  Like the time he booked a quaint little bed and breakfast in the country for us and my parents and it ended up being a dirty trailer home with a broken AC window unit in the peak of the Texas summer.  I was having hot flashes all night at the age of 33.


Or just recently, when we tried to save some money on a hotel and ended up with a room crawling with ants and a bathroom that smelled like stale cigarette smoke every time you turned on the fan.


But, for the most part, I would say Scott has an 80% success rate.  Not a bad return on all his efforts.


I even pitched in and tapped into an incredible deal for yoga teachers.  My friend Alisa told me about a website calledFitness Pro Travel, where you can exchange your yoga, pilates, water aerobics, massage therapy and personal training teaching services for a week-long stay at an all inclusive resort.


So we decided to try it for our first week of the trip.  If I had only known what an incredible deal it was, I would have taken advantage of the opportunity years ago.


For only $600 and a commitment to teach one 45-minute yoga class on the beach daily, a family of four (kids 12-years and younger) get to enjoy a class A, all-inclusive vacation.
Our Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica  package offered large, luxury accommodations with an incredible view of the ocean and access to a series of cascading pools.  In addition, they provided top shelf alcohol, delicious cuisine at seven specialty restaurants, a Starbucks-like coffee shop, 24/7 room service and endless ice cream (which Kayla took full advantage of).  The resort was super family friendly delivering daily activities and nightly entertainment.


The staff was so wonderful and accommodating and we had an excellent experience.  Through the Fitness Pro Travel program you can choose resorts located all over Mexico, the Caribbean, Domincan Republic and Costa Rica.  And if you want to leave the kids behind, you can explore some of their adult only resorts.


Please use this SPECIAL LINK to find out more info about the program and to book a trip today!


So, the moral of this note is, DON’T WAIT!  Don’t wait to have enough money to travel.  Don’t wait to receive your bonus.  Don’t wait until retirement.  Life is too short with too many unknowns.  You could be dead tomorrow.  And there are so many incredible deals waiting out there for you TODAY!


Let’s follow the advise of my personal travel intuitive on affordable travel and use ALL the amenities because “It’s included!”


Looking for an affordable, all-inclusive escape to an exotic paradise???

Come join us in Guatemala!!! I am so excited to partner with Rod Hairston on this mindfully crafted Journey to the Heart Retreat  located on the shores of mystical Lago Atitlan in Guatemala November 3rd-10th.


This is going to be a full mind-body-spirit immersion into the local Mayan culture through transformative workshops, yoga, ceremony, meditation, chanting and dance. Three powerful volcanoes and the beautiful lago will be our backdrop as we embark on a Journey to the Heart.  Visit www.growth-u.com/events for details and to register TODAY!


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