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    Having Fun with Your Alter Ego – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    If you know me, then you understand I never pass up a chance to get dressed up in a costume. There is something about sporting a fun wig, adding some flare to my makeup and getting decked out in a wacky outfit that gets my sassy juices flowing.

    I remember one Halloween, my husband Scott and I were invited to a costume party put on by an association I belonged to. I threw on my biggest afro and oversized gold rimmed sunglasses, while Scott rocked an 80’s mullet. No one could figure out who we were and we had a blast dancing the night away mysteriously under cover, while people tried to unmask our identity.

    Why is it so fun to get dressed up in a costume? Maybe because it is an opportunity to explore another side of ourselves.
    We play so many roles in our life; mother/father, daughter/son, brother/sister, employee/employer, friend, hero, companion. The list is endless and can be daunting at times. In each, we wear a mask that defines our role.

    Sometimes it is a relief to step outside of our norm and play a different character. Maybe one that does not align with our typical personality. It can be refreshing to be anyone you want to be. Ahh, I feel the weight lifting already!

    Therefore, I invite you, on this special Halloween Eve, to explore your alter ego, get dressed up and play!

    This week’s yoga video, which I pulled from the archives of three years ago, is meant to inspire some Halloween fun.


    This 18-minute Hatha Yoga Class will get you in the Halloween spirit with ghosts, gobbling, black cats and even a full moon. Have fun while increasing flexibility, enhancing range of motion and tuning into your creepy side! Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for every BODY! Please join me in this opportunity to bring your Halloween spirit out. Enjoy!