Living the Simple Life

I come from a very long line of female minimalists. Like my Mom, who is obsessed with having everything in its place and my Grandma who only had three dresses hanging in her closet (the same exact dress, but different colors mind you), I can not stand anything in the house that is impractical or takes up additional space. I start to feel out of control when there is too much clutter or piles of stuff collecting in corners or on tables.

When I sense my junk pile anxiety rising, I often declare to my family (or in my own mind) “It’s time to clean house!”. And I begin scurrying around, recycling papers, organizing book shelves and donating whatever I can get my hands on. So much so, that I have made dozens of pit stops at Goodwill with things that were precious (useless) to my daughter and husband, only to have to pretend they were lost when inquired about.

It was always a solo frenzy with my family having zero interest in my passion. Until one day when she was in Kindergarten, my former hoarding daughter walked into her room and pronounced “I don’t need any of this stuff!” and began collecting all her stuffed animals, books and toys in a pile to be donated. “Hooray, she’s got the bug!” I thought to myself. And another generation of minimalists was born.

Some may think I am neurotic or slightly OCD. I’d rather call myself a simple girl with simple needs. My husband, Scott, said if you can’t beat ’em join ’em and thoughtfully got me the best birthday present a minimalist could ever want; a personal visit by a Feng Shui Master! (What a guy, he really gets me!)

Besides validating my mantra, “less is more”, I found it fascinating that every section of your home represents different energies and aspects of your world. And you can place varied elements into the house to balance those energies.

But, the thing I found most intriguing was when he enlightened me with the wisdom “Your home is a reflection of your life.” Meaning, if your home is in disarray, there shall your life reside.

Cleaning out the clutter doesn’t just pertain to your home or car. It is an excellent rule to follow when talking about toxic relationships, negative self talk, unhealthy work situations etc. Anything that depletes your energy, distracts you from your true purpose.

Each person was born with a special gift meant to be shared with the world. Not sure what that is yet? Try clearing some space to make room for your path to unfold. Aaah, I feel better already!

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