Celebrating Life

My husband Scott and I had an incredible week in Los Cabos, Mexico celebrating my handsome guy’s 50th trip around the sun. I can not express enough what a pleasure it was to take a real tropical vacation after being confined in Austin for the past year.

All the laughing and carefree smiles from other guests at the resort confirmed we were not alone in the sheer relief we all felt in doing something “normal”. I noticed there were zero complaints from guests, as they were all ecstatic to be out of the house enjoying the simplest things like a drink at the bar or listening to some live music. We were all so grateful to be around other humans enjoying life.

And that is one of the many things Scott has taught me in the 25 years we have known each other; how to enjoy life. He has always been the first one to book a fun getaway or an exciting experience that engages us in the world’s abundance and beauty. I am so appreciative of his view on life that it is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.

So, cheers to you Mr. Scott Goyette and your playful and lively spirit. May you always fill your life with fun and adventure!

If you are looking for a way to incorporate some fun into your world, then check out this week’s yoga video.


This week’s 19-minute Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Dancer’s Pose is all about building up to this peak posture. We will open our shoulder’s and quadriceps to make this fun pose attainable for everyone. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to be curious and play within your yoga practice. Enjoy!

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