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    Go Be Awesome! – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    When I was pregnant, I had such a strong nesting desire that I decided to adopt my local neighborhood park and hold a cleanup one month out from my due date. It was such a successful event that seventeen years later, I am still holding park cleanups twice per year for the community.

    This year we had more than 60 neighbors come out to support our highly loved park by picking up litter, spreading mulch and painting. It always makes me feel so good to organize such a productive event and help to maintain the beauty of this incredible natural resource.

    During these events, I am busy organizing the people, equipment and assignments, so I do not often get an opportunity to work directly on the park maintenance. This year, after the project was complete, I decided to take my dog for a walk and do some litter abatement on the trails near my home. As I picked up each piece of garbage bikers, walkers and runners passed me and called out “Thank you! You are awesome!”

    The acknowledgement for my efforts felt good, and I found myself thinking “You can be awesome too!” We all have an opportunity to arrive in a space consciously and do the right thing. For me, taking responsibility for picking up litter, even if I did not place it there, donates to a better experience for the collective.

    What can you do to contribute to the betterment of the whole? How can you engage with the world to enhance your community, city, country, planet? I invite you to grasp the opportunity to step up and be awesome!

    Want to feel amazing so you can be amazing? Scroll down and come join me for this week’s class, Yoga to Feel Amazing, and rev up your existence!

    This week’s 20 minute Hatha Flow Class, Yoga to Feel Amazing, is all about elevating your lifeforce to reside at a high vibration. Through strong breath work (pranayama) and big movement we will raise our energy level and elevate our radiance. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to come alive! Enjoy!

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