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    Honoring Full Moon Energy – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Tonight we celebrate the first full moon of Autumn, the Hunter’s Moon. If you look for the rising moon right at dusk you may catch an orangey glow as it ascends in the sky. The energies of the moon are strongest when it is full and therefore can bring up a lot of emotion. It is a great opportunity to check in with yourself and see where you may need to bring balance in your life.

    You can observe our emotions throughout the moon’s cycle because every phase provides a different impact to our energy. It has an influence on the natural cycles of life including the movement of all things water such as the ocean and bodily fluids. Therefore, it is best to align your life with the moon phases to take advantage of this powerful force.

    Waning moon phases after the full moon help you to let go. The waxing phases after the new moon help you to create something new in your life. New moons are an opportunity to start fresh and a great time for intention setting, while full moons are an opportunity to release something that no longer serves you.

    Want your life to flow more freely? Try matching your daily routine to the rhythm of the moon phases and see how you feel.

    Looking for a way to connect with the moon’s energy? Please scroll down and join me for this week’s yoga class, Yoga Moon Salutations, where we move through every phase of the moon with our physical body to sync ourselves with the feminine, calming energy of the moon. Enjoy!

    This week’s 10 minute Hatha class, Yoga Moon Salutations is a chance to honor the energies of the moon. Through postures such as triangle, low lunge, goddess squat and more we will move through each phase of the moon represented in our physical body. The moon is aligned with feminine, introspective, calming energy. By acknowledging the full, waning, quarter, half, crescent, waxing and no moon we can relate to the different phases of our own lives. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to invite in the powerful energies of the moon. Enjoy!

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