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    Taking Responsibility – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    The other day I had the opportunity to go running on a beautiful beach along the Greek coast.  I was inspired by the sound of the crystal clear Mediterranean water lapping against the pristine, rocky shore.  With the sun shining on my face, I ended my excursion feeling energized and alive.

    That evening, our tranquil resort was invaded by 500 Italian high school students on a class trip touring Greece.  We heard them partying all night.  I reflected back to when I was that age and thought, what an awesome experience for them to be in this incredible place with their friends enjoying each other.

    The next morning I got up bright and early, excited to do another exhilarating run.  I headed out along the same path and immediately noticed a couple of beer cans left on the beach in front of the resort.  I smiled to myself confirming that the kids must have had a good time.

    As I continued down the shoreline, I observed a progression of more garbage thrown on the beach.  I was absolutely shocked and disheartened when I came to a point where I found hundreds of beer cans, smashed bottles and empty cigarette packs littering this once immaculate natural space.

    My thoughts immediately went to anger towards the group I had so recently admired. How could they be so mindless to ruin this beautiful spot and then leave a trail of evidence right to their front door?

    Believe me, I am all about partying and having a good time.  When I was in high school we used to have huge parties down at the beach with tons of people, alcohol and other social entertainment.  But, we ALWAYS cleaned up after ourselves and left the grounds as good, if not better than how we found them.

    My friend, Drew Bixby, always said “Walking past a piece of garbage on the ground is the same as throwing it there yourself.”  And I totally agree with him.  I found a few plastic bags that the kids left behind and began cleaning up their mess.  My fury escalated with every bottle cap, piece of glass and plastic cup I dropped in the bag.  I could not wrap my mind around the lack of personal responsibility these students demonstrated.  And the total disregard for how their actions affected nature and others that used the beach disturbed me.

    I dragged six huge bags of garbage back to the resort, took a picture  and emailed a note to the resort manager.  I’m not a tattle tail, but this was a big issue that needed to be addressed.  If these wrong-doings were never brought to the attention of the kids, then they would grow up to be adults that took no accountability for their own behavior.

    This incident reminds me that not only do we have a responsibility of how we affect our outside world.  More importantly, we need to take full ownership of how we shape our inside world.

    We are all empowered to choose the lens we wear to view ourselves, our circumstances and the world around us.  Electing to focus on the positive is the same as maintaining a pristine inner space.  Getting rid of the junk creates an optimal environment for inspirational light to grow.

    What lens do you use to view your life?  How can you enhance your outer circumstances by changing your inner conditions?

    This week’s 25-minute FREE Hatha Flow Yoga Class, Yoga for Taking Responsibility, is all about recognizing your current internal environment, cleaning up any negative energy and reflecting your inner world back out to your outer world. Through Bandha work, asana and meditation you will be empowered to clear space for your inner light to shine.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to cleanse your inner world, so you can experience infinite possibility in your outer world. Enjoy!

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