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    Welcoming In the New Year Intentionally – Yoga with Medication Mutha

    The uncontrollable desire to release the heaviness of 2020 weighed me down the week leading up to the New Year. I felt a deep longing for a shift within myself and across the planet.

    On New Year’s Eve, my family wrote down something they wanted to let go of from the past year. One by one, we tossed the paper into the flames of our fireplace and watched it burn. We visualized the fire transforming our burdens into hopeful energies for 2021.

    We have all faced extreme challenges this past year. Mourning our loss is an important step in moving forward on our path. Another essential element of progressing on our journey is intentionally welcoming hope for the future.

    Purposefully planting the seeds for health, well-being and abundance to fill your world will help you manifest your desires. When you set aside time to intentionally visualize your future, the universe will step up and fulfill your request.

    Using ceremony and ritual adds to the power of your actions. Simply lighting a candle or laying out objects that symbolize your desires will enhance your thoughts to come to fruition.

    I wish you lots of love and light in this New Year of creation!

    This week’s 28-minute Hatha Yoga class, Yoga for Welcoming in the New Year, is all about releasing the heavy energies of the past year to make room for opportunity and hope in the coming days. Using a special revitalizing breath throughout our practice, we will fill our body and mind with a fresh new start and allow abundance to flow.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to intentionally invite high vibrations into your world. Enjoy!
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