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    Moving Through the Unknown

    Wow!  I can’t believe we’re almost halfway done with our year long trip around the world.  As they say with having a new born baby, the days are long and the weeks fly by in a blink.

    Having traveled all up and down Central and South America, Scott, Kayla and I decided to wrap up the first half of our trip back in Costa Rica at Dreams Resort, where we initially started our adventure 5 1/2 months ago.

    And it has actually been a wonderful opportunity to decompress and reflect back on our journey thus far. It’s been interesting to contemplate the thoughts that were running through my head the first time we visited this resort several months back and compare them to my state-of-mind on our return.

    When we arrived last June, my family and I were just departing all the extreme pressures and stresses that go with planning a year long escapade. My mind was swirling with fear.  Will we be safe?  Am I ruining my daughter’s life?  Will we have enough funds for the trip?  Will we meet friends when we’re on the road?  Will we still like each other at the end of the trip?  These were just a handful of thoughts that played over and over in my mind on a daily basis.

    But, as the venture continued, my anxiety began to vanish and was replaced with confidence and peace.  And now, looking back, I have the ability to answer all my questions honestly.  Yes, we are safe and have felt safe throughout the entire trip.  No, I haven’t ruined my daughter’s life (at least not yet). Yes, our funds are right on target.  Yes, we have built so many wonderful relationships along the way.  And so far, despite being together every moment of every waking hour for the past almost six months, we still like each other (most of the time).  Yippee!

    So, why was I so worried in the beginning?  Because that is the natural process of facing the unknown.  The intense build up of fear, the painful process of moving towards and through the unknown, the dissipation of fear on the other side of the veil and finally the relief and realization of limitless possibility.

    But, imagine what happens if you never move towards and through the unknown.  You end up holding the burden of your fear for a lifetime.

    This 29-minute FREE Hatha Flow Yoga Class is all about opening your heart to build inner courage as you approach and move through the unknown. Using heart openers and visualization to enhance your ability to conquer fear, this gentle yoga flow will leave you feeling empowered and grounded while increasing flexibility and confidence in your body and mind.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. I hope you will join me in this opportunity to experience the process of moving through the unknown and finding joy on the other side.


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