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    Inspiring Imagination – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    I find it hilarious that when I was little I absolutely despised writing. In fact, I dreaded any creative writing assignments from elementary all the way up through graduate school. And, here I am at 48 years old and I have published my first book.

    After getting back from my family’s year-long trip around the world in June of 2018, I knew I needed to write about our extraordinary adventure. I pondered on it for about three months trying to figure out how to start.
    Since writing was at the very bottom of a list of things I like to do, my initial gut reaction to writing a WHOLE book brought on pure dismay. But, I knew I had to share all the incredible travel tips we learned while on the road.

    So, I sat down one day after visualizing the intention of the book and wrote the first sentence. One sentence lead to another and I was on my way. Just Plane Crazy! The Ultimate Guide to Affordable, Adventurous World Travel is a manifestation of my vision to inspire people to live outside of their limiting beliefs and accomplish their wildest travel dreams.

    I spoke last week about the first step to manifestation: Imagination. You have to tap into your creative flow and conjure up an idea before you can even begin to make it a reality.

    Next on the manifesting journey is Visualization. Once you have a general picture of what you want to materialize, you need to focus on all the details of your vision as if it already exists. You invite all your senses into the visualization process experiencing the site, smell, sound, taste and feel of your dream.

    The universe can not decipher dream from reality. Therefore, concentrating on the details of your big plan as if you are already living it today, tells the universe that your dream currently exists. Hence, the universe must manifest your dream into your world in some form or fashion.

    Play with this visualization concept a little and you just might find that you end up living your wildest dreams. Need a little help with this step? Come join me for this week’s yoga class and open your mind to possibility!

    Just Plane Crazy!: The Ultimate Guide to Affordable, Adventurous World Travel
    JULY 7TH

    This week’s 18-minute floor yoga class, Yoga for Inspiring Vision, is all about creating space in your mind for limitless abundance to manifest. Through postures such as Half Headstand and Breath of Fire, we will stimulate our third eye chakra (pineal gland) open our soul up to possibility. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to write your own life story. Enjoy!