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    Expanding Intuition – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Scott and I fell in love with Costa Rica the minute we experienced the incredible Pura Vida vibe almost 20-years ago.  Little did we know, we would have the good fortune of hosting annual yoga retreats in the quaint coastal town of Montezuma, where the jungle meets the ocean.

    Every year we went back to visit the magic of the Nicoya Peninsula, we would visualize ourselves owning a piece of property in the local area and opening up a retreat center.  One year, we finally got up the nerve to take one step towards making our dreams a reality.  

    I remember exploring several pieces of property with our friend, who was a Costa Rican realtor.  Every time we viewed a new location, I would stand in the middle of the land, close my eyes and get a sense of the energy around me.  Finally, after exploring close to 10-locations, he took us to a property in the middle of the jungle that overlooked the mountains.  I stood in the center of the land, closed my eyes, turned to Scott and said “This feels right”.  Scott agreed with me, and we moved forward in purchasing the property.

    As a collective, we have moved away from listening to our inner guidance.  Our gut feelings get swept away with all our distractions and we have lost the ability to trust in our intuitive voice.  

    With so much information about COVID-19, politics and day-to-day life stuff to sift through now-a-days, it is even  more important to connect with your intuition to guide you to the truth.  Luckily, just like your muscles, your intuition can be developed with repetitive practice and exercise.  A good start is to ask yourself “Does this feel right?”This week’s 21-minute FREE Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Expanding Intuition, is all about exercising your ability to listen to your inner guidance. Through asana such as single leg balances and an Infinity Meditation, we will connect your root, heart and third eye energy centers to broaden your intuitive awareness. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to mindfully develop your inner voice.

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    Yoga for Expanding Intuition
    Yoga with Meditation Mutha