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    Elevating Sensuality – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Each of us has an internal flame that burns within us.  Some cultures call it our lifeforce, prana, energy, chi or kundalini.  It is the fire that ignites every cell of our being and is associated with our sensuality.

    When our sensual energy is in balance it activates our hormones to function properly, which effects the health and operation of our organs, bones, muscles, and brain.  No matter your gender, age, culture or background, balancing our personal sensuality is essential for energizing healthy function of our body and mind.

    Sensuality is often mistaken for the energy that you share with someone else.  In actuality, it starts with  the loving energy that you cultivate towards yourself.   

    You have everything within you to build your own personal sensuality by becoming committed to deeply caring for this precious gift, YOU!  Positive self-talk, tender personal touch and intense appreciation for this beautiful vessel you were given to explore this life all have a profound effect on enhancing your sensual lifeforce.

    Need a little guidance on how to invigorate your sensual energy?  Then scroll down and join me for this week’s yoga class, Yoga for Enhancing Sensuality and take the steps to elevate your life.  Enjoy!

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    This week’s 17-minute floor yoga class, Yoga for Enhancing Sensuality, is all about tapping into the relationship with ourselves to increase our internal fire for overall health and well-being. Sensuality directly affects the function of our entire body. When our sensuality is developed it can bring balance to our whole being. Please join me in this opportunity to enhance our health by igniting our internal flame. Enjoy!

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