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    Women Elevating Women – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Photo Credit by Laura Wall

    “Girls don’t want to compete with each other. We want to dance underneath the moon and remember our power” – unknown

    My good friend Christine sent the above quote to me following the incredible Fall Women’s Wellness Retreat we held this past weekend. This picture captures the essence of the quote perfectly.

    Women coming together to love, honor, support and celebrate each other elevates me to the highest level.

    Words can not describe the immense gratitude I have for all of the ladies who attended the retreat with open hearts to vulnerability as we did the work to transmute our shadow aspects into powerful energy that will propel us on our path. Through this deep journey these women stepped up with open arms to embrace all aspects of each other with compassion and raise the collective vibration in the room.

    Following the experience, I received notes from several of the ladies that said they never felt so welcomed, loved and held by a community of women. It makes me sad to think we have allowed society to separate us from our “tribe” of support. This is intolerable to me because when women get together magic happens!

    Ladies, if you are looking to cultivate a support system of beautiful high vibe women in your life, then please join us for one of the many Women’s Retreats offered in 2024 and elevate your spirit from the inside out!

    And, if you would like an opportunity to enhance your energetic vibration, then please join me for this week’s Hatha Flow Class, Yoga for Elevating Energy. Enjoy!

    Author – Kim Goyette

    This week’s 20 minute Hatha Flow Class, Yoga for Elevating Energy is focused on increasing energy from the inside out. Through a special breath technique that enhances the inhale and movements that lift energy up, we will will elevate every cell in our being. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to exist in your highest vibrational state. Enjoy!

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