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    Deep Connection – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Wow!  I can’t believe we are back in Costa Rica again.  Notice who’s missing from the picture; our daughter Kayla.  Knowing that we were heading back to the land of rainbows to teach a yoga retreat after being home in Austin, TX for two weeks, she requested to stay behind and spend some quality time with her new puppy.  Totally understood after being alone with just her parents and moving continuously for a whole year, it’s no wonder she said she never wants to get on another plane for as long as she lives.

    Although Kayla’s presence is missed, it has been an amazing opportunity to reconnect with my husband Scott.  As you might imagine, it’s quite challenging having adult conversations or any alone time when there’s always a third party in the room.  That being said, it’s nice to spend some quality time with each other and not be concerned about centering everything around kid-friendly events.

    Reuniting with my husband reminds me that it is so important to maintain a deep connection with the ones you love.  Spending quality time with those that play an important role in your life is a gift for both of you.  If physical distance or an unwillingness prevents you from connecting with your partner, friend, family member, pet or even a stranger, here is a short practice to empower you to connect deeply from anywhere at any time.

    This week’s FREE 14-minute Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Deep Connection, is all about sending your energetic light to a being that needs it most. Through asana, breath work and meditation you will visualize the bonds you most desire to attain them in your reality.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to develop a deep energetic relationship with your loved ones. Enjoy! #yogawithmeditationmutha#meditationmutha


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