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    Creating Space – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Scott and I just celebrated 20-years of marriage.  In so many ways, the time has flown by.  But, when I reflect back on all the experiences we have had over the years, it seems like a lifetime of memories.

    We are at the age where many of our friends have gotten divorced or separated from their partners.  To tell you the truth, Scott and I are both amazed that we made it this far.  He said that he was surprised to live past thirty, let alone be married for 20-years.

    Although, I am the first person to admit our relationship isn’t perfect, I do have to say it has some key ingredients that have helped us stick through the tough times and truly appreciate the good times.

    Aside from the staple elements like respecting and listening to each other, one of the biggest components to our marriage is giving each other space. One of the things that I admire about Scott is he has always been fully supportive in making room for me to do my own thing.

    If I say I want to get trained to be a Shaman, he says “Go for it!” If I mention that I miss seeing my best friend, he is the first one to find me a great ticket to fly out and see her. And if Scott says he wants to take off on his own to Argentina for a week to explore and decompress, I’m excited for him. There’s no jealousy or resentment. We are happy to see each other grow, because we know our solo experiences will make us a better partner.

    Now more than ever, space is a key element in thriving during these unique times. Whether it’s scheduling some alone time for yourself in a quiet corner of your home or taking off for a trip on your own to clear your head, it is imperative to honor yourself and your housemates by cultivating space to breath.
    This week’s 21-minute FREE floor yoga class, Yoga for Creating Space, is all about making room in the body and mind to allow things to flow. Through breath work and Yin postures like Dolphin Pose and Low Bridge we will traction out the spine to create space in the body and mind.
    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to reside in the space where magic happens.

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    Yoga for Creating Space
    Yoga with Meditation Mutha