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    Clearing Your Chakras – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    I was so excited and grateful to be invited by my friend, Nicole Ryan, to attend her women’s empowerment retreat this weekend.  Normally, I am the one holding space for others.  So, it was wonderful to be on the receiving end of the high vibe retreat energy.

    Being an attendee of this weekend escape reminded me that we all need to reset once in a while.  Junk from the day, week, month and year builds up in our physical, mental and energetic systems.  We need a way to cleanse these accumulated toxins out of our being to reestablish a balanced state.

    One way to cultivate equilibrium within our human container is to balance our chakras.  These energy centers that reside throughout the body represent our connection to different aspects of our lives.  There are seven main energy centers that run from your seat all the way through the crown of your head.

    When your chakras are balanced you often feel energetic, grounded, upbeat, creative, loving, confident and joyous.  But, when they are out of wack, you might feel disconnected, angry, sad, closed-off, lonely and have creative blocks.

    This week’s 24-minute FREE Hatha Yoga Class is all about focusing your awareness on each of the seven energy centers to allow your chi to flow freely within the body. Through physical movement, asana, breath work, meditation and visualization we will release any blocked energy within your system to bring balance within the body and mind.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to reestablish the natural flow of your life. Enjoy! #yogawithmeditationmutha #meditationmutha

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