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    Saying Goodbye to the Land of Fire and Ice

    Wow! We have truly had the full Chilean experience the past 2.5 months to include volcanoes, glaciers, icebergs, beaches, vineyards, farms, cities and even a minor earthquake.  Full of extremes, there’s no wonder why this country is called “The Land of Fire and Ice”.  Its long land form provides a full array of stunning environments from the deserts in the north all the way down to arctic climates in the south and everything in between.


    Even its people have extreme mannerisms.  Chilenos are some of the most welcoming people I have ever met and would literally give you the shirt off their back.  For example, one of my new friends met me at midnight at a local drugstore to help me get a prescription for Kayla and then sent a beautiful box of chocolates to our next hotel upon our arrival.  Other friends took time out of their weekend to show us around this beautiful country and then showered us with gifts at our departure.


    At the same time, Chilenos  absolutely love using their horns and will beep at you for no reason except for the sake of chiming in with the chorus of other beepers.  Or they will be the first ones to push you out of the way to get to the front of the line like you don’t exist.


    I found it interesting to observe such polar behaviors and it reminded me that we all have two aspects of ourselves.  And it’s the balance between these two limits where our life resides.


    In yoga, the breath is a tool which balances the extremes.  The inhale is used to revitalize, awaken and energize the body and mind.  While the exhale calms, grounds and quiets your form.  Having the ability to use these gifts to regulate your mood, energy and spirit is very empowering.


    This week’s FREE 23-minute Hatha Yoga class, YOGA for BALANCING EXTREMES, is all about bringing balance to your body and mind through pranayama, asana and meditation. The breath work and postures will enhance flexibility, allow you to tune into your breath throughout the practice and leave you feeling stable and ready to enjoy life.


    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for every BODY. I hope you will join me in using your breath as a tool to regulate your mood, energy and spirit!

    Thanks to the countless beautiful people of Chile, who made our experience so wonderful. You will be missed. There is always a home for you in Texas and you will forever be in our hearts!


    We are off to Guatemala to teach the “Journey to the Heart Retreat” at Lake Atitlan! Stay tuned to learn about The Land of Eternal Spring!


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