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    Elevating Your Vibration – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    I am honored to have shared a powerful experience with an incredible group of women at the Fall Women’s Wellness Retreat last weekend. There is something special about getting a group of women together that makes magic happens.

    Now, I can’t share all the fun details of what occurred, because “What happens at the retreat stays at the retreat”. But, I can state what I witnessed, which was women of all ages, backgrounds and races supporting elevating each other.

    It is so incredibly empowering to surround yourself with people who’s pure intention is to lift you up. Imagine if everyone in your community had your best interested in mind all the time. That is the community that I have been fortunate enough to build and grow.

    I am so grateful to the more than 130 women who have attended the retreats and brought their highest self to the table for the benefit of all.
    I walked away from last weekend’s experience buzzing with energy, revitalized and full of love.

    Want to create this elevated sensation at home for yourself? Check out this week’s video and join us for a 21-DAY YOGA CHALLENGE starting November 1, 2021!


    This week’s 13-minute yoga class, Yoga for Elevating Your Energetic Body, is focused on using Kundalini breathwork to enliven every cell of your being. Through tools such as Breath of Fire and other Kundalini techniques we will increase our vibrational state to enhance our overall well being. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to raise the vibration of your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy!