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    Finding Balance

    Governor Abbott made an announcement this week that he is totally reopening the State of Texas under normal pre-COVID operations. Therefore, all businesses can run at 100% capacity with no mask or social distancing restrictions. His new guidelines came as a shock to some people and a relief to others.

    No matter if your state has lifted all COVID restrictions or you are still in full lockdown, at some point we will all have to consider a very significant question.

    How are we going to enter back into the world?

    In other words are we planning on jumping right back into our old way of doing things? Or, are we going to view “The Great Pause” as an opportunity to reflect on what was not working in our lives and make some changes?

    For many of us, the circumstances of this past year forced us to slow down and do less. It took away our commutes and allowed us to spend more quality time with family. It made us realize that all of the busyness was not necessary and showed us what truly mattered.

    Quarantine encouraged us to get outdoors and ride our bikes in the park, jog with our dogs and take walks through the woods. It stretched our creativity to the max in an effort to entertain ourselves. It cultivated our ingenuity and inspired us to reimagine our careers to meet the needs of the current conditions.

    The Universe realized we were racing around in our unconscious lives. It provided all the signs that indicated we should slow down, but we did not listen. Therefore, it did the only thing it could do to get our attention. It stopped us dead in our tracks.

    Do you really want to return to your old life like nothing has changed? That feat is actually impossible because EVERYTHING has changed.

    Take this opportunity to contemplate how you can bring more balance into your world. Think about how you can weave your passions into your daily routine. Ponder what changes you can make to put what is most important to you at the forefront of your life. Now is YOUR time to rewrite your story any way you desire!


    This week’s 15-minute Hatha Yoga Class, Yoga for Balance, is all about cultivating equilibrium in your life. Through prep postures building up to Tree Pose, you will develop stability in your world.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to create balance and peace. Enjoy!

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