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    Revving Up Your Spirits In the New Year

    If you’re like me, getting your motor running again after a long holiday break with endless eating, drinking and merriment is extremely challenging.  It happens every year right after New Years.  I have zero motivation to get back into my routine.  Hence this New Years article coming out two weeks late.

    My body and mind are sluggish and the cool weather makes me want to hibernate.  My mind swirls with all the things I need to check off my to-do list.  But, I never get frustrated with myself, because I know it’s only temporary.

    Slowly but surely, I start to apply a plethora of personal “remedies” that get me back on track.  I wanted to share a few things that I do this time of year that encourage my inspiration and stir the fire within me.

    1.  Detox – The first thing I do is some sort of cleanse or fast.  This helps flush out all the toxins (sugar, caffeine, alcohol i.e. entire tin of Christmas cookies, double mocha lattes and bottle of bourbon).  By the time I’m finished with all the holiday festivities, I am so disgusted with food.   I choose to do an Isagenix Cleanse for Life all-natural, two-day cleanse that really helps with my reset button.   Immediately, I feel more vibrant and clear, which propels me into step two.

    2.  Exercise – I start my daily exercise routine again.  Typically, I run, lift weights and do some type of yoga throughout the week.  But, of course, after two weeks of being a complete couch potato, I lost all my strength, flexibility and stamina.  So, the first week back, I’m pretty gentle, reminding myself that it’s only temporary.  This slow immersion back into movement lures my body into being excited about exercise once more.  And before you know it, I’m craving my morning workouts and feeling revitalized.

    3.  Sleep – Good sleep is a must whenever I transition from the vacation abyss to my real life again.  I always tune in with my internal clock, which is asleep by 10pm and up around 6am.  No more late night partying or binge watching Netflix series.  My body desires a steady sleep regimen and rewards me with a pleasant attitude, a positive outlook on life and a relaxed feeling throughout the day.  It’s free Xanax!

    4.  Grounding – When my mind is running faster than my body, it’s time for some grounding.  I love taking a squelching hot epsom salt bath to detox and relax my bones, while I sip on a spicy hot cup of chai tea to kick in my metabolism.  The combination always enhances my focus and the heat from both elements spurs initiative and clarity.   If you tend to be swirly during the winter months, then you probably want to add some warm, heavy, oily comfort foods to your diet to balance that feeling of flight.  I’m more of a Chilly Willy the Penguin kind of girl, with toes and fingers always freezing.  So, adding warming spices to food and drinks helps get me going.

    It takes about a week of implementing my homemade remedies and I’m off to take on the world.  What do you do to get yourself motivated?  What’s your go-to formula that pushes you over the hump?  How about incorporating some warm thoughts into your world and visualizing yourself in a tropical rain forest, beach paradise on the shores of Costa Rica.  Scott and I would love for you to join us for our 8th annual Costa Rica Yoga Retreat June 30th-July 7th, 2018.  Please check out our video and details HERE to learn more about this and other amazing retreats in 2018!