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    Opening to Vulnerability – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    sensual retreat

    I am so grateful to co-create with the fabulous Lita Vallis as we held space for a Sensual Awakening Retreat last weekend. I appreciate the incredible energy these beautiful goddesses brought to the experience and their willingness to be vulnerable to support their personal growth. I am honored to be a witness to their unfolding and blossoming as they ascend on their sensual journey. It was magnificent to observe the unraveling as they stepped into their divine feminine power.

    Co-leading a sensual retreat was a totally new experience for me and stretched me beyond my own container. The event provided a venue for me to step past my comfort zone as I taught and demonstrated some pretty edgy subjects.

    Of course, fear arose as it always does a couple of days before any retreat I lead. Self-doubt creeps in and I question “Can I do this?”

    As the women arrived to the retreat with excitement about this taboo topic, I took a deep breath and committed to being all in. The more I allowed myself to be vulnerable, the more I noticed the ladies opening up and stepping into their power. Before I knew it each goddess unleashed their divine feminine energy and you could feel the force swirling around the room. What a wonderful way to cultivate a deep bond with a beautiful group of women.

    Are you looking to make deeper connections with those you encounter? All it takes is a little bravery to expose a side of yourself which you have hidden. When we show up authentically we attract genuine relationships into our lives.

    Need a little assistance in breaking down your walls of protection? Then join me for this week’s floor yoga class, Yoga for Opening to Vulnerability, at let your heart receive all the abundance of the universe. Enjoy!

    Looking for an opportunity to cultivate your own sensuality and create life-long friendships??? We would love for you to join us for the many retreat experiences we are holding in 2023 including our annual Costa Rica Yoga Retreat this July and a Sensual Sister Circle coming up in March. Please click the links or the Yoga Retreats tab for details and click on the link to save your space!

    This week’s 15 minute floor yoga class, Yoga for Opening to Vulnerability, is all about breaking down the wall that blocks us and blossoming into endless possibility. Through heart opening postures that will expose areas of the body that we normally guard or protect, we will move towards receiving abundance into our lives. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to surrender what no longer serves you and step into your power. Enjoy!

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