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    Releasing Anger to Clear Your Mind – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    A perfect storm has materialized a heightened sense of emotions in our country over the past week.  Quarantine, plus the stress of loss of jobs and income, plus the horrific, senseless death of an innocent black man has prompted the full gamut of feelings ranging from despair, sadness and fear to frustration, agitation and anger.  And I have felt all of them.

    The other day I came home and told my daughter I felt like kicking someone’s ass (no one in particular, just anyone) and I wasn’t sure why.  I think I was picking up on the escalated emotions of the entire planet.  I needed to release this energy before I found myself doing Kung Fu on an innocent bystander at the grocery store.  So, I hopped on my bike and peddled as hard as I could through the woods.  It was extremely healing to burn off the agitation and I arrived back home 30-minutes later with a calm mind.

    Years ago, I remember my teacher saying “Always rely on a happy mind alone.”  What she meant was when we are angry, we can not see clearly.  We say things we do not mean.  We make rash decisions and mistakes.  We defend our ego at the detriment of others.

    But, a happy mind is a peaceful mind.  It can think clearly and see the truth.  It takes heart-centered action and looks to collaborate with others towards a winning outcome for all.

    I am not going to get into politics or my perspective on the protests about the senseless death of a human being.  But, I am going to invite you to take some time to clear your head and calm your nervous system, so you can voice your opinions rationally and effectively with an outcome for the greater good.

    This week’s 22-minute FREE Hatha Flow Yoga Class, Yoga for Releasing Anger to Clear Your Mind, is all about surrendering emotions so you can make logical, effective choices in body, speech and action.  Through core strength postures like side plank and forearm plank and Sitali, a cooling breath, we will release the distractions of anger, frustration and agitation and invite in peace and tranquility.

    Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY.  Please join me in this opportunity to let go of emotional road blocks and step into productive actions. 

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    Yoga for Releasing Anger to Clear Your Mind
    Yoga with Meditation Mutha