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    Releasing the Weight of the World

    My relaxed circadian rhythm has been gifting me the opportunity to rise with the sun every morning and enjoy a tranquil moment before everyone gets up.  So, I write to you from the second floor balcony of an amazing home we rented in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, gazing at the majestic view of the ocean waves rolling in. Sitting in this serene space has given me some time to reflect back on the incredible week-long retreat we just completed at Anamaya Resort in Montezuma.

    I am so grateful to the beautiful group that presented themselves with open hearts and minds to new experiences of movement, sound, nature, taste, adventure, relaxation and connection.  One of my favorite parts of leading retreats is the occasion to get to know each person’s story and perspective on the world.  Like when a few of us stayed up one evening talking about modern dating and how different it is from when us forty-somethings were in that scene.

    We described how our husbands courted us, went to great lengths to plan a date and then actually paid for dinner with no thought of us picking up the tab. A woman from Denmark chimed in and said our formal, Texas (Boston) gentlemen expectations would never make it in the Nordic countries. And we would be considered high maintenance under their “Want to grab a beer?” typical first date custom.  I find it so interesting to gain a different view than my own.

    After teaching yoga and holding space all week, I usually treat myself to a massage.  I had an extremely nourishing and much needed encounter with an extraordinary massage therapist from Switzerland named Barbara.  As we finished up the session, we hugged each other and she gave me one of the most loving embraces I’ve ever received.  Here intuition sensed tension in my body and she told me something that I really needed to hear.

    She spoke of a beautiful massage practice called Lomilomi that is coveted by the Hawaiian people.  She said Hawaiians believe that massaging the back opens up space for future opportunity and abundance to come into your life.  She sensed that I was holding the weight of my family’s happiness during this year-long adventure on my back.  Boy, she nailed it right on the head.

    She went on to say that Kayla and Scott are meant to have their own experiences.  And therefore, I need to release the burden of trying to create happiness for them and enjoy my own experience.  Her wisdom touched me and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  With a tear in my eye, I hugged her for the fourth time and went off to encounter the next part of our journey with a lighter heart.

    The first three weeks of our excursion have taught me to let go of any expectations and just flow with what the universe provides.  And that is a very liberating feeling.

    What expectations are you holding onto?    How can you release your burdens and let the universe take over?

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