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    If Life Were Like a Bounce House

    I had the opportunity to attend my daughter Kayla’s last school carnival before she graduates from 5th grade.  It was a beautiful day and I felt a little sentimental as she took off with her friends to run around, play games and eat lots of junk food on her own.  I remember what seemed like just yesterday, when she was in Kindergarten, and wouldn’t let go of my hand as we ventured around the same event.

    As a volunteer, I was assigned to every kids favorite ride…the Bounce House!  I stood there collecting tickets and helping kids in and out of the entrance, while observing all the youngsters having the time of their lives.

    It was so magical to witness the pure joy they were having with each other.  All diverse ages, races, colors, genders and abilities jumping side by side without a single inkling of their differences.

    And as they leaped, sprung and knocked each other down, they would reach out to a perfect strangers hand and help them back up again.  How wonderful to be fearless of judgement and connection.

    What if life were like a bounce house?  What if we walked around admiring each other’s unique appearances, personalities and beliefs and treated them like the gift they were intended to be.  What if we extended our love outside our family and friends to strangers and people in need.  What would our world look like, if we took guidance from our children?  They have so much to teach us if we just open our minds and hearts to listen.

    For our year-long trip around the world, I was inspired by these acts of wholesome kindness and set an intention to positively impact every country we visit and leave it a better place than when we arrived.  I don’t know what that looks like yet.  All I know is my intention will make it a reality.

    What actions can you take to make your world a better place?  What intentions will you set to enhance kindness and connection in your world?  As my Teacher once said, “People do exactly what they WANT to do, ALL the time.”  What will YOU do?

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