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    Surrendering into Experience – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    Our last days of the Yoga and Safari Retreat were in a beautiful beach setting on the island of Zanzibar. After ten days of non-stop action in the Serengeti, it was finally time to relax and unwind. We stayed at the incredible Sharazad Boutique Resort and enjoyed lounging on the beach beds being lulled by the waves of the Indian Ocean.

    Because we stayed here during last years adventure, I knew about the fabulous spa that was attached to the hotel. Nuru Spa is set in a magical, fairy-like environment on the beach where you can delve into a huge range of unique healing treatments.

    I spoke to the owner and she offered to hold a Nyungu Ceremony for our group on our final night as a special closing to our retreat. This Swahili practice involves visiting a witch doctor to get recommended herbs which you brew in a huge pot of boiling water. Then you sit in a circle around the pot and are covered in a dome of blankets to create an herbal steam.

    I love providing surprises when I hold space on retreats. So, I did not reveal all of the details of the ceremony to our group prior to attending. I was so impressed that everyone arrived with open hearts to this unknown experience.

    As we gathered around the steaming pot of herbs, the heat began to rise with the final blanket in place. Our collective breaths could be heard as we inhaled the healing properties of the medicinal concoction. Sweat dripped off of our bodies as we deeply engaged in this intense homemade sauna. After about 20 minutes of cleansing, the blankets were lifted and the cool air hit our skin.

    Following the ceremony, we had a delicious private dinner on the beach and an opportunity to discuss the experience. There was a wide variety of personal emotions that arose from the encounter ranging from fear to pure elation. But, the commonality from everyone was they were happy to have participated in the unique growth opportunity.

    Saying “Yes” to circumstances that provide new experiences is an excellent way to expand your consciousness and connection. Doing something outside of your comfort zone on the daily provides the stimuli your body and mind need to stretch towards a larger capacity.

    Need a little nudge to step outside of the box? Then please scroll down and join me for this week’s class, Yoga for Half Moon Pose, where we will play with a fun balancing posture. Enjoy!

    Author – Kim Goyette

    This week’s 20 minute Yoga for Half Moon Pose is a hatha flow class in preparation for Half Moon (ardha chandrasana). This class will build on all of the postures to practice a beginner supported half moon pose and an advanced half moon. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to have fun and challenge your body and mind. Enjoy!

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