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    Wisdom Ain’t Just for Witches

    Halloween is here with lots of scary icons that represent the dark aspect of this holiday.  One that has received a pretty bad wrap over the years is the witch.  Made out to be an old, ugly and evil female archetype, she typically represents the wicked old witch we see in fairy tales.

    But, the word WITCH actually stems from the word WIT, meaning having WISDOM. Back in the day, witches were aligned with the third aspect of the Triple Goddess, the Maven or Crone. They represented advanced aging and the wisdom that comes with it.  In addition, the Maven Goddess had the freedom  to explore deeper topics such as spirituality, the universe and exposed herself to experiences beyond her physical body.

    The Maven was a powerful force and many men were threatened by her wisdom during that time period.  In order to control these wise beings, men started to depict them in books and stories as ugly, wart laden, old ladies with evil souls.  And so, they removed the WIT from WITCHES.

    Can you think of a woman in your life that represents the Maven Goddess or possesses true witch characteristics?   For me, my Grandma Shirley always struck me as the Maven Goddess of our family.  She graduated college when women were looked down upon for getting a degree and wanting to enter into the workforce. Her entire life she educated herself through continual education programs and excessive reading.

    With all the knowledge that she accumulated throughout her studies, the one piece of advice I  remember her saying to me when I was little was “Kim, you don’t need to get the highest grades or be the smartest in your class.  You just need to have the skill to apply what you do know.  There are a lot of really smart people out there with zero common sense.  And common sense will take you a lot farther than a high IQ”.

    And even then, my seven year old self thought,  “That lady has wisdom!”.  There is a huge difference between having knowledge and having wisdom.  Knowledge is a gathering of facts.  While wisdom is the ability to apply your knowledge based on a deep understanding of life.

    Now, if KNOWLEDGE is knowing a tomato is a fruit and WISDOM is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad, then DIVINE WISDOM is knowing you are ONE with the tomato.

    Your Divine Wisdom has been gathered by your Soul through an incredible amount of time and experiences that go beyond our earthly human comprehension. Your Soul holds the memories and lessons that it has acquired through other Earthly journeys.

    Your Divine Wisdom doesn’t come with age.  You were born with it.  Your Divine Wisdom is the knowledge that you are a limitless energetic being having a human experience. You have no boundaries except the ones you place on yourself.

    Just like witches who tapped into their Divine Wisdom to develop immense powers, we too have the ability to reach deep within our being to experience life far beyond our imagination.

    So, when you’re out trick or treating tonight and you see a witch asking for some candy, take a moment to honor her incredible, radiant wisdom.  She might just be disguising her Maven powers!

    Thanks to all the beautiful women who joined us in celebrating our Divine Feminine Wisdom at the recent Women’s Day Retreat we held at Hawk’s Shadow Vineyard.  And my appreciation goes out to all the San Angelo ladies who used their inner wisdom to cultivate abundance in their lives at the Yogic Blindfold Dance event this past weekend.