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    Celebrating the Divine Feminine – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    My cup is running over after hosting the Fall Women’s Wellness Retreat this weekend where we celebrated sisterhood at its finest. I am so grateful for all the beautiful ladies who opened their hearts to the experience and elevated each other at the highest level.

    When you call someone a sister you say I see you, your are heard and I have your back. When a women knows she is fully supported by her sisters she can embody her role as the Divine Feminine. This high vibrational state allows a woman to exist in her goddess power, share her natural gifts and manifest abundance through relationships, opportunity, creativity and wealth. This radiant energy can be shared to elevate all beings around the planet.

    A woman who lives and breathes the Divine Feminine provides unconditional love and support to everyone in an effort to elevate the collective. That is where true power lies.

    Want to tap into your Divine Feminine energy? Please join me for this week’s class, Yoga for Cultivating the Divine Feminine, and let your radiant goddess energy shine!

    Yoga for Cultivating the Divine Feminine

    This week’s 21-minute Hatha Flow class, Yoga for Cultivating the Divine Feminine, is all about elevating the powerful feminine energy within each of us. Through hip opening postures such as Goddess Squat that stimulate the sacral chakra and visualizations of the divine energy rising, we will enhance our goddess vibration to share with the world. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to step into your divine energetic power. Enjoy!

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