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    Inviting in the Love – Yoga with Meditation Mutha

    This week my incredible friend, Heather Neary, hosted a beautiful Dias de Los Muertos event at her sanctuary. I felt called to attend the experience to honor my ancestors who have passed; in particular my dad who passed away this year.

    My mom and I sat in a circle with other attendees and shared about our loved ones. It was beautiful to witness the pure vulnerability of each person as they expressed their love and sorrow for each person lost.

    We then moved into a magnificent ceremony practiced by the indigenous Peruvian people to honor the dead. We offered flowers, candy and other symbols to represent a sweet transition to the afterworld. The process was very healing and as we continued to build our offering, you could feel the love grow in the room, not just for the ones who had passed, but for each other.

    I am so grateful to have access to powerful practices such as these. Healing can be done at such a profound level when you are surrounded by the loving energy of a group.

    Although we often associate love with our heart, the heart energy center (aka heart chakra) actually expands through our entire chest, through the shoulders, down the arms and all the way through the tips of the fingers. It makes sense that this part of the body is aligned with love because we connect with others through hugs and handshakes. It is in that very action that we exchange the energy of love.

    This week’s yoga video will open up your heart chakra region to enhance the flow of love to be exchanged.


    This week’s 18 minute hatha flow yoga class, Yoga for Opening Chest and Arms, is all about stimulating the heart chakra to allow love to flow into our lives. Focusing on stretching the arms, hands and chest, which are all connected with the heart energy center, we will make space for the highest vibrational state to enter our being. Yoga with Meditation Mutha is for everyBODY. Please join me in this opportunity to build love within and share it with the world. Enjoy!